Nagy & Hettich, Ltd.  


Several hundred thousand tons of wastepaper is produced in Hungary every year (the bulk of it is waste cardboard or other wrapping paper, a smaller part of it – about a hundred thousand tons – is newspaper or office paper).


- The processing of 1 ton of paper waste requires about 1,500 kWh less electric power than that of wooden raw material …
- every ton of recycled paper saves about 10 developed trees from being cut down …
- it economizes nearly 40 cubic metres of water as well as
- 300 kg of crude oil …
- air pollution will decrease by 15%
- water pollution will decrease by 50%

Nagy & Hettich, Ltd. was established in 1991 by Hungarian private persons.

By means of collecting and utilizing waste paper, and owing to its consequent business policy and its dedication to environmental protection, our company has by now come to play a major role in our country in the collection of waste wrapping paper, production waste paper, and office, school and other kinds of waste paper.

Our main activity is waste paper wholesale trade, so after purchasing the paper waste produced by printing houses or different kinds of industrial and commercial enterprises and collected by schools or kindergartens we sort and bale it on our premises

1172. Budapest, Cinkotai út 32

and hand it over to paper-mills for recycling.

Our reliable and precise work, our correct partnerships, the preparedness of our colleagues, our appropriate technical background, and our environment awareness ensure our clients get an ecologically and qualitywise high-level, complex environmental protection service.




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